Christmas trees grown in Oxford


Christmas trees from our field to your house in 24hrs

Our Real Christmas Trees are grown where we sell them in Marsh Baldon, Oxford. They have not been transported anywhere, which reduces their carbon footprint.  Cut daily, each tree is a quality British product . 

Norway Spruce Christmas tree

Norway Spruce

Our Real Christmas Trees are grown right where we sell them in Marsh Baldon, Oxford.  They have not been transported anywhere, which means you are buying the freshest trees around! We cut them daily and guarantee you they won't drop their needles.

Merry Christmas from The Elliott's! Real Christmas Trees in Oxford



Nordmanns have a bluey tinge and thicker needles.

They are a beautiful tree, are slightly more expensive than the Norway Spruces and tend to have wider bases.

We sell these from 3ft upwards

How to care for your tree


Saw the end of the tree off

When you take your tree home saw the end off with a sharp saw to ensure the sap doesn't seal the end and prevent the tree from drinking water.  

Put it in water

Ensure the tree has a large bucket or stand that provides an adequate volume of water for the tree to drink.  A medium size tree will drink a pint of water a day when freshly cut. Please ask our friendly staff about water stand, if you don’t already have one. 

Replenish the water regularly

Please make sure your tree does not dry out. Regularly fill up the bucket or stand with water. Following these simple guidelines should ensure the longevity and freshness of your tree. 

Commercial trees


Commercial trees

We can cut the perfect tree for your business.  We have trees up to 16’ and may even be able to find taller ones if required. 

Typically these trees have taken 20 years to grow so we don’t cut these daily and display in the yard, please contact us to discuss your commercial requirements.


We offer a delivery service for commercial trees over 12’ within a 15 mile radius. 

Drop us a line!



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